written and directed by DIME DAVIS

CENTRIC TV | Wendy Raquel Robinson Gets Serious With "SUGAR PIE, HONEY BUNCH"

'The Game' actress has teamed up with two up-and-coming female filmmakers for a new mini-series exploring the relationship of a mother and daughter affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.

Wendy Raquel Robinson's critically acclaimed run on BET's The Game might be coming to an end, but the actress---best known for her comedic roles---is moving on to the next, and this time she's tackling a project that's no laughing matter.

Written, produced and directed by Black female indie-filmmakers Dime Davis and Elle Johnson, casting Robinson in the dramatic role was a no-brainer. 

"As a filmmaker, I love watching actors play against type.  We’ve all grown up watching Wendy give incredible comedic performances in television and film — The Steve Harvey Show,  Miss Congeniality, The Game.  But, I’ve also been incredibly lucky to witness some of her lesser known dramatic work - specifically on stage and even her guest star roles on shows like Grey’s Anatomy," shared Davis.