written and directed by DIME DAVIS

The short film is done!

And getting great reception!  We've come a long way, but the truth is -- we've still got some mountains to climb.  'Cause we're making SUGAR into a feature-length film!

Which is why we need you...

…to help us tell this story, spark much-needed conversation about Alzheimer's Disease, and create opportunities for more female filmmakers.  We’ve got a great script, an awesome team, and a stamp of approval from one of the most prestigious film organizations in the world.  Now, we're raising the capital to fully fund our independent feature film.

Friends, Family, Strangers!!!

You have all been amazing! Your support means more to us than you know!!  If you or someone you know wants to further support SUGAR, you can do so here...


Beyond monetary contributions and in-kind donations, spreading the word about SUGAR goes a long way.  Sparking a conversation about mental health in the black community is just as important.  The topic has been taboo for far too long.

Again - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

- Elle & Dime